Topic 8

Topic 8 is a bit of an event in the form of the annual Peet Strydom colloquium. This year the details are as follows:


A number of presentations were made on the day. The speakers and themes were:

  1. Peet Strydom: Emerging Markets: Sustained Growth Versus Low Growth Traps
  2. Waldo Krugell, China: Political and Market Pressure Towards a New Growth Paradigm
  3. Raymond Parsons, Political economy and Growth Disappointment in South Africa
  4. Andre Duvenhage, Service Delivery Failure and Flirting with New Development Models by Political Elites in South Africa.

Your blog assignment is a reporter’s post covering the colloquium. But don’t just report what was said, that the ideas presented there and make your point – do you think that emerging markets will carry the world economy, or will they get stuck in a low growth trap?


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