Topic 4

Competitiveness of nations

In topics 1 through 3 we have seen that global growth is slowing down. There are different drivers of growth. Over the long term, human capital and institutions matter for catch-up growth. Over the short term, a country’s competitiveness may determine whether it grows faster of slower. This could be competitiveness as an exporter, as a market for doing business, as a destination for foreign direct investment. There are different factors that affect competitiveness.

From the Global Competitiveness Report

For this topic the key source is the Global Competitivess Report. It is a World Economic Forum publication that presents the results of  the Global Competitiveness Index. Competitiveness is measured according to 12 pillars:

  • Institutions.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Macroeconomic environment.
  • Health and primary education.
  • Higher education and training.
  • Goods market efficiency.
  • Labour market efficiency.
  • Financial market development.
  • Technological readiness.
  • Market size.
  • Business sophistication, and
  • Innovation.

Your assignment is two fold:

  • Prepare for class by having a look at the GCR 2011/2012.
  • Three groups have to make presentations (e-mail me with your pick, first-come, first-served)
  1. Decompose and analyse South Africa’s competitiveness.
  2. Compare South Africa’s competitiveness with those of the BRIC countries.
  3. Compare South Africa’s competitiveness with those of the Next-11 countries.

There are no blog posts scheduled for this topic. The next round will be for topic 5.


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