The way we work

The group of 36 students will be divided into 9 groups of 4. Throughout the semester you will work on your own and in these groups.

To provide proof that you have achieved the objectives of the course you will have to do the following:

Every group has to write 8 blog posts throughout the semester – that means 2 posts per student.

Every group has to make 2 presentations. You can choose one of the dates: 3Aug, 17 Aug, or 12 Oct.  There are 3 dates x 3 groups per slot = 9. All groups have to present on 28 September = another 9.

In addition to the blog posts and group presentations you are also expected to demonstrate continuous engagement with the subject. This can take the form of:

  • Additional blog posts.
  • Class notes.
  • Tweets (#621) and Storify summaries.
  • Additional material curated and commented on.

At the end of the semester you have to compile an individual pdf-portfolio of your (individual) blog posts, (group) presentations and (individual) value-added material. This will count as your participation mark.

The exam will be a 24 hour take-home paper.


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