Course outline




16-20 July

Topic 1: “The end of the world as we know it”

23-26 July

Topic 2: Trends in the world economy #1 Blog posts

30 July – 3 August

Topic 3: Drivers of growth and development Group presentations (3)#2 Blog posts

6-8 Augustus

9 August – Women’s day10 August – no classes

13-17 August

Topic 4: Competitiveness of nations Group presentations (3)

20-24 August

Topic 5: Fiscal policy in the EU #3 Blog posts

27-31 August

Topic 6: Monetary policy in the US #4 Blog posts

3-7 September

Topic 7: Financial markets in everything Class debate

10-14 September

Topic 8: Prof Peet Strydom Colloquium:“Emerging markets, growth resilience or hitting a low growth trap?” Attend colloquium

#5 Blog posts

17-21 September

No class

24-28 September

Topic 9: International trade: Challenges and opportunities

Guest lecture (Dr Arno van Niekerk, UFS)

#6 Blog posts

1-5 October



8-12 October

Topic 10: Why nations fail Group presentations (9)

15-19 October

Topic 11: New Growth Path and National Development Plan Group presentations (3)

#7 Blog posts

22-25 October

Topic 12: The way forward for South Africa Class debate

#8 Blog posts

26 October

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  1. We are going to do the presentation on the topic “competiveness of nations”.


    1. Sorry guys, all three slots have aready been taken. There is one open on 3 Aug and two on 12 Oct.

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