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The drawbacks of the NDP and NGP

There has been much said about the National Development Path (2011) and the New Growth Path (2010). These two initiatives did not happen overnight. The goal of the NGP is to create 5 million jobs by 2020.  This initiative seeks a “restructuring” of the South African economy to increase the performance in terms of labour […]

Why does South Africa keep falling short of its potential?

By Celeste Hamman Since 1994 the average South African growth rate has been about 3,2% per annum. While South Africa has in recent years been dominant in almost everything in Africa, it has lately been slipping down the economic league tables. South Africa’s economy grew just 1.3% in the second quarter from the first three […]

Is government setting a low growth trap for South Africa?

Our current government has been in power for 18 years. We often hear citizens and politicians alike ask: what has been achieved in these years? There are many ways of approaching this question such as considering social services, unemployment rates and economic growth. From the perspective of social services; government has provided a livelihood for […]

Polit(r)ics ….

  When looking to ensure the growth and stability of a countries economy, it is most probably determined by the governance of institutions within the specific economy. The problem faced then is the ultimate effect the government has on these institutions. In the case of the South African economy, the government has proven this statement […]

What is the Current growth path of Emerging Markets?

Emerging Markets: Growth resilience or hitting a low growth trap There are several successful countries institutions of emerging markets, which promoted economic growth.   First is the rule of law, which contains securing contracts and protecting citizens in terms of marketing, contracts as well as business.  It is also close related to protection of law, which […]

Hitting a BRIC wall – A low growth trap

Emerging markets can be grouped into various categories such as the BRICS, which comprises of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The BRICS have recently experienced slowing economic growth rates. The global financial crisis may form part of the reason why these economies are growing so slowly, but one also needs to look at […]

Will the NDP increase growth or establish a low development for institutions?

Although it might seem narrowed to suggest that the solution to South Africa’s economic and political problems is already on paper (National Development Plan), the truth is the only restriction to this plan is the failure of government and institutions to enforce such a model.  This seems much easier said than done, and the results […]