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Is a free market ever really free?

Economic intervention, is when a government gets involved in the economy of the country to improve economic growth. In a free market, everything works through price signals. When there is demand for a product or service, the profit that can be made is high and this will also lead to more supply as profit potential […]

“That government is best which governs least”…..or is it?

It is widely viewed that the best form of government is one that allows people the greatest amount of freedom. Although deemed to be a straight forward statement in theory, when the goal of long term sustainable growth comes into consideration the interpretation can become somewhat grey in its results. In any economy the main […]

EPOL: The new economical-political partnership…

They say that to some debates there are no outcomes, merely because the participants love debating that very thing. The debate on completely free markets (as Von Hayek preferred) and central planning or government intervention (more on Keynes’ doorstep) seems to be one of those (as seen in Commanding Heights). Combining these two policies have been at […]

Should the government be the leader of economic growth and development?

The latest main argument among economists is that the government’s involvement to promote economic growth and development has been slowly declining, since this approach is being more influenced by political democratization and economic liberalization. Less government involvement is the gateway to globalization, which causes a higher level of integration with the global economy and more foreign […]

Difficult times leads to new ideas…

Essentially, the same conundrum faces all of us in finance. Do you save to protect growth for the long term or do you spend to stimulate growth? Global economy is currently slowing down in all parts of the world even in China, which are the leaders of economic growth. Countries can address the situation by […]

Free markets or government regulation?

Keeping this title in mind, it is obvious that there are a lot of different arguments on whether or not markets should be free or regulated by governments. Take the following two well known economists whom one might argue provided the world with the two most important economic theories. John Maynard Keynes Advocate of fiscal […]

Economic Growth- led by State or Markets?

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