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Trends in the world economy: A downward spiral

Bailouts, debt crisis and downgrading of bond ratings – these are just a few of the headlines dominating the news. The eurozone crisis is at the centre of it all. Greece recently went bankrupt and other European countries seem to be in hot pursuit. The ongoing crisis has forced the major European states of Italy […]

Boomerang Trends: R,Wentzel.

Due to the concerned economic environment we are experiencing; the gaze has focused on problematic countries such Greece and Spain and the looming stresses of the global economy that may indicate a future economic crisis and even an excessive economic depression that may seem improbable and doubtful but in fact the event is actually conceivable. […]

The world economy in trouble – Chanell Smit

The world economy seems to be heading at a downfall. The rapid decrease in the growth of the world economy is due to the sovereign debt crises in countries with the Euro currency. This debt crisis has already affected a number of European countries, and it keeps getting worse and accelerates the weakening in the […]