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Trends in the world economy

“One of the biggest trends in economic history was the rise of the West, beginning in the 18th century. In the 19th century, all of Europe and European outposts spurted ahead of the rest of the world. By the end of the 20th century, the average worker in Western Europe or America earned about 20 […]

Will the west rule?

As the world recovers from the recession, the economy is slowly starting to stabilize shifting from the U.S. to the BRICS as these countries have shown tremendous growth compared to the OECD countries. From 1987 to 2009, the average growth rate was 2.7 per cent, while China’s growth was 9.5 per cent. Realignment has been […]

The crisis cycle of economic trends

Global economic trends have taken a few knocks, this includes; the US mortgage bubble burst in 2008, the increasing rise of China despite a decreasing global economy, the fall of Greece as well as the decreasing economies of Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Ireland; and lastly the fall of the European Union. The fact that […]

Financial Contagion: Not a possibility, but a reality

By: Elmé Naudé 26 July 2012 With Europe in the front line of the economic crises it is easy to underestimate the true scope of the crises on the rest of the world. Taking into consideration the large business market the Eurozone has with major world economies like the USA, China, Japan, Russia and India […]

The American’s the next economic victims…….or are they?!

Over the past decades the American’s had their seat reserved at 1st place as the top economically ranked country in the world followed by the European nations and the Japanese. Is this about to change… or is the Chinese bark worse than their bite, or maybe the American’s have them right where they want them […]

Will the West rule?

The following things come to mind when thinking of Western countries: debt, old, not as innovative as emerging markets. Emerging markets are mostly described or thought of as new, fast growing, innovative, high saving etc. The question comes to mind if the West will rule in the future or will the East/other countries take that […]

My take on Topic 2: Trends in the world economy

Ladies and gentlemen, please find my PPTs for this morning’s lecture: Topic 2 In addition, here are some links to a few of the things mentioned in the presentation: The Economist on the third industrial revolution. McKinsey Global Institute on the world at work. Kenneth Rogoff on the Second Great Contraction. How the Euro was […]