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It seems like more of the same, but it is not

Dear students, if you missed it, the past week was an exciting one in the EU and this week may also prove to be one. To stay updated on what’s happening, have a look at these links: The World Bank briefly explains the ECB’s Monetary Outright Transactions programme. The Economist weighs in with their opinion […]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Ladies and gentlemen, we have covered the events in Europe and policy in the US and while it feels like the course is moving swiftly along, things are happening out there and you need to stay up to date: The World Bank explains what is happening in financial markets. Mario Draghi makes an official announcement […]

Reading for a “quiet” week

Ladies and gentlemen, following last week’s public holiday and the fact that you are not writing blogs this week, makes it feel like things have gone quiet on the #621 front. Events in Europe may, however, be running ahead of our course schedule. This week the class is about competitiveness, but I have been reading […]

Some final thoughts on growth

Before we leave the issues of the drivers of growth behind and start on competitivenss, there are two interesting blog posts for you to take note of: The first is at The Economist’s Free Exchange blog. It explains that modern supply chains may make it easier for countries to industrialise. It draws on the paper […]

Reading for a busy week: ECB, Fed, China posts

This is shaping up to be a busy week on this side of the Mooirivier and elsewhere things are happening as well. I have tracked down some reading for those of you keeping up with the events in the world economy: The Economist shows the slowdown / collapse of manufacturing in the Euro area. The […]

Weekend reading

I have a couple of links that tie in with the past week’s lecture on trends in the world economy and other that are related to the upcoming topic of drivers of growth: After some data revisions there is more evidence of the weak performance of the US economy. This goes along with criticism of […]

Linking with today’s lecture

Just to cap today’s lecture: The Economist’s free exchange blog on the Spanish panic. And Time magazine on China’s economic slowdown. Two slots for next week’s presentations have been taken and one is still available. Come and have a look at the lists on my office door. I’ll read you blogs and write some comments […]