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Real Exchange Rate Misalignment

By Mariska Krynauw Exchange rate movements and their deviations from equilibrium bring some challenges at policy level.  Usually, the real exchange rate has not been at the centre for analyses of economic growth.  The current debate in South Africa is over the effects and how to deal with an appreciating Rand.  There is good reason […]

The governing and guiding of globalisation

Many people consider globalization nothing new – societies have been interconnected for years. But globalization took different forms in the past and the contemporary conjuncture is new. The world has never experienced globalization at this level of intensity before or the speed at which it is transforming and integrating societies. It has become a broad […]

Why does South Africa keep falling short of its potential?

By Celeste Hamman Since 1994 the average South African growth rate has been about 3,2% per annum. While South Africa has in recent years been dominant in almost everything in Africa, it has lately been slipping down the economic league tables. South Africa’s economy grew just 1.3% in the second quarter from the first three […]

THE US DILEMMA – Please don’t drop the ball

By Mariska Krynauw In November 2012 the American public will go to the polls to elect the next President for the United States of America. The race is between the current President Barack Obama, from the Democrats and Mitt Romney, from the Republicans.  Policy making is effectively on hold until after the elections. Making policy […]

Greece: Yes it is a crisis!

By: Elmé Naudé To understand the crises that Greece and the rest of the European Union find themselves in, there has to be an understanding of how the EU existed and why. Before the Euro was introduced, governments in Greece, Spain and Ireland, among others, had to pay a lot more to borrow money than […]

Economic Growth- led by State or Markets?

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Financial Contagion: Not a possibility, but a reality

By: Elmé Naudé 26 July 2012 With Europe in the front line of the economic crises it is easy to underestimate the true scope of the crises on the rest of the world. Taking into consideration the large business market the Eurozone has with major world economies like the USA, China, Japan, Russia and India […]