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Future of SA economy – Chanell Smit

The future for the South African economy The strikes that played off in South Africa the last couple of months certainly did not do South Africa any good as the future now looks unstable with many investors withdrawing and losing confidence in South Africa. Although South Africa is facing troubled economic conditions, such as cutting […]


Group: NCLECON621 The cause of the Euro-Zone crisis Due to the financial crisis of the US in 2008-2009 the global economy has experienced slow growth. This caused the exposure of unsustainable fiscal policies in Europe and around the world. Greece felt the effects of slow growth substantially more than other countries in the euro zone because of […]

The world economy in trouble – Chanell Smit

The world economy seems to be heading at a downfall. The rapid decrease in the growth of the world economy is due to the sovereign debt crises in countries with the Euro currency. This debt crisis has already affected a number of European countries, and it keeps getting worse and accelerates the weakening in the […]