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Governing Globalisation

Before the financial crisis the negative effect of globalisation wasn’t realised. The financial crisis has affected many of the surrounding countries such as America and Europe, but there has not been a direct impact on South Africa’s economy, until recently. The downgrade of Moody’s can possibly be the first incident to have a huge affect […]

Same crisis, different bucket

The Asian crisis of 1997 can in some regard be seen as an analogous integration of the current Euro crisis and the financial crisis of late 2008. From 1970 up until the late 90’s, new diversification opportunities and the promise of a high rate of return saw a high influx of foreign direct investments within […]

Choosing the lesser of two evils – for dummies

With a multitude of economic issues circling the globe – the Euro crisis, China’s economic slowdown, and the imminent systemic banking crisis – one of the main focus points on the US presidential election is how these issues will affect not only the US economy, but the global economy as well, since America is one of the […]

Super-massive black holes in the wallets of EU citizens, is this the end?

On 1 January 1999  the Euro came into effect and in the years to follow countries such as Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy joined the euro, after allegedly complying with the 3% cap on borrowings as set forth by the EU guidelines. Since the Euro was initiated it became clear that the Euro was […]

“That government is best which governs least”…..or is it?

It is widely viewed that the best form of government is one that allows people the greatest amount of freedom. Although deemed to be a straight forward statement in theory, when the goal of long term sustainable growth comes into consideration the interpretation can become somewhat grey in its results. In any economy the main […]

The crisis cycle of economic trends

Global economic trends have taken a few knocks, this includes; the US mortgage bubble burst in 2008, the increasing rise of China despite a decreasing global economy, the fall of Greece as well as the decreasing economies of Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Ireland; and lastly the fall of the European Union. The fact that […]