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During the switch from apartheid to democracy, it was proven that it is easier to get a democracy and that economics are much more complicated. Seventeen years on and the legacy of the apartheid era is still present in South Africa. The country is still struggling with inequality and high unemployment. There is a need […]

No escape from history

The biggest failure of the current government in South Africa is not necessarily the education system, but rather the perception thereof and the inability to create a culture of education amongst the poor in South Africa. This is not a recent problem, it is as a result of a nation that protested formal education in […]

The LIBOR Scandal explained

In an article called “Explaining the Libor interest rate mess“ by CNN, Andrew Lo, MIT professor of finance referred to the LIBOR scandal as “dwarfing the magnitude of any other financial scam in the history of financial markets”. The event can therefore intuitively and securely be connected to just about any field of contemporary economics […]

Globalisation: Guide or Govern?

It can be said that the value of the financial crisis is that we get to a point where we have become realistic about what is the correct way forward, what are the options globally and the major challenges we need to address? Prior to the global financial crisis, we just had globalisation and we […]

Is government setting a low growth trap for South Africa?

Our current government has been in power for 18 years. We often hear citizens and politicians alike ask: what has been achieved in these years? There are many ways of approaching this question such as considering social services, unemployment rates and economic growth. From the perspective of social services; government has provided a livelihood for […]

US monetary policy: 15 divergent views!

The contemporary US monetary policy environment provides a very interesting source of reading lately. It seems as though uncertainty runs rampant and conflicting opinions are at the order of the day. Enjoy the following 15 articles on today’s US monetary policy – everything from Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, being praised for […]

12 September: Do or Die for the EU

“In nearly 20 years of dealing with EU issues, I’ve never known a state of affairs like we are in now. It really is a very, very difficult fix and it’s far from certain that we’ll be able to find the right way out of it.” (Euro zone diplomat) 12 September is a crucial day […]