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The exam

The ECON621 exam: Instructions: This is a 24-hour, take-home exam paper. Have your hard copy answers at my office tomorrow at 9 o’clock. All four questions are compulsory. Answer the questions in op-ed, blog post style – there is no need for formal Harvard style referencing, but you do need to support your arguments with […]

A quick exam post

Ladies and gentlemen, just a quick post to calm the nerves before the exam on Monday. It is a 24-hour, take-home paper. Four questions = 4 very good blog posts for you to write. Answer the questions in op-ed, blog post style – there is no need for formal referencing, but you do need to […]

Final lecture tomorrow

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a quick reminder of our final lecture tomorrow. It is outside the usual schedule and part of the Development Economics class at 14:00 in G28. The guest speaker is Prof Parsons who will be speaking on South African political economy, the NGP, NDP and all the recent events following Marikana. […]

Change of plan?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have realised that our schedule extends beyond your and my diminishing returns to 621. I want to propose the following to wind up the final part of the semester. Step 1: Attend tomorrow’s Seminar by Prof Andre Jordaan. At is at 12:00 in G03 and he will be speaking on exchange […]

Some course admin

Ladies and gentlemen, apologies, but I have fallen behind with our course work. Please have a look at the blog for the updated course outline. Hopefully that will sort out questions about the remaining topics, blog posts and presentations. This Friday is a guest lecture with Dr Anro van Niekerk of UFS leading the discussion. […]

Some admin

Ladies and gentlemen, just a few points of course admin and schedule changes. First, thanks for your participation in last week’s colloquium. I hope there was some food for thought. Keep writing the blogs on that for topic 8. Please note, we have a seminar speaker tomorrow at 12:00 in Senwes. Prof Blaauw of UJ […]

Colloquium on Thursday 13 September

Ladies and gentlemen, A quick reminder of the colloquium this Thursday: Venue: Council room (Room 135), C1 Building, Potchefstroom Campus, NWU. The programme for the morning is as follows: 10:00-10:30 Arrival and welcome 10:30-12:30 Discussions 12:30-14:00 Light lunch The theme for the morning’s discussions is: EMERGING MARKETS: GROWTH RESILIENCE OR HITTING A LOW GROWTH TRAP […]