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Globalization and Economic Governance

With globalization there is competitiveness between excessive market blocs and stronger collaboration and competition in the appearance of new county blocs that are economic, social and political in nature. When we speak of economic globalization, it refers to the increase in the economic interdependency of domestic economies over the world which increases the movement of […]

Dr Van Niekerk speech about Globalisation.

Dr Van Niekerk had begun by explaining the Downgrade of Moody’s and what impacts it had on South Africa.  The down grade in Moody’s leads to an increase in debt for South Africa, where a tension in the economy can increase, what can cause problems for the economy? Globalizations must help people, it can’t be […]

What is the Current growth path of Emerging Markets?

Emerging Markets: Growth resilience or hitting a low growth trap There are several successful countries institutions of emerging markets, which promoted economic growth.   First is the rule of law, which contains securing contracts and protecting citizens in terms of marketing, contracts as well as business.  It is also close related to protection of law, which […]

In Favour or against expansionary monetary policy:

In Favour or against expansionary monetary policy: (Follow the link on clipboard): IN FAVOUR: There is evidence that unanticipated stimulative, unanticipated contractionary, anticipated stimulative, and anticipated contractionary monetary policy each have statistically significant effects on output, therefore it can be said that because contractionary monetary policy have a impact on output it is more in […]

Expansionary Monetary Policy: Yay or Nay?

Follow Clipboard link 3 Key instruments used by Fed to conduct a monetary policy: 1. Open market operations 2. Reserve requirements changes 3. Discount rate changes The Fed raises the banking sectors’ reserves through buying government bonds – money supply increases through expansion.   Arguments in favour of Expansionary Monetary Policy In the short run: […]

Greece the problem maker

Greece the problem maker In 2001 Greece joined the Euro. Everything went well at first and Greece was living beyond it’s mean even before it joined the Euro. After it adopted the single currency, public spending went through the roof. For example public sector wages increased by 50% between 1999 and 2007. In 2008 the […]

Should the government be the leader of economic growth and development?

The latest main argument among economists is that the government’s involvement to promote economic growth and development has been slowly declining, since this approach is being more influenced by political democratization and economic liberalization. Less government involvement is the gateway to globalization, which causes a higher level of integration with the global economy and more foreign […]