A quick exam post

Ladies and gentlemen, just a quick post to calm the nerves before the exam on Monday.

It is a 24-hour, take-home paper. Four questions = 4 very good blog posts for you to write.

  • Answer the questions in op-ed, blog post style – there is no need for formal referencing, but you do need to support your arguments with statistics and sources.
  • It is about individual effort. Submitting someone else’s work as your own is as unacceptable as ever.

You can prepare by getting together some resources. Collect the latest about what’s happening in the EU, US and SA economies, read what has been written about Why nations fail.

I will release the questions on Monday at 8 o’clock and you will have 24 hours. 3 Hours on each question should be more than enough. You have to submit a hardcopy at my office on Tuesday morning. Over the weekend I will also open an eFundi site so that we can use Turn-it-in for the exam. I’ll send along the details.




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