The drawbacks of the NDP and NGP

There has been much said about the National Development Path (2011) and the New Growth Path (2010). These two initiatives did not happen overnight.

The goal of the NGP is to create 5 million jobs by 2020.  This initiative seeks a “restructuring” of the South African economy to increase the performance in terms of labour absorption. Whereas the NDP document is a 484 page and this plan analyses problems in South Africa and makes recommendations to combat this problems.  The vision of the NDP is to tackle the immense skills challenges facing South Africa’s young democracy.

The former minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel said that warning signs do occur. South Africa could slide backwards while dealing with immense challenges, overwhelming the capacity to succeed. He also said that this country does not suffer with a lack of ideas, but rather a weakness of implementation. The biggest structural and institutional problems in the country relate to the inefficiency of government bureaucracy, inadequately educated workforce, restrictive labour regulations, corruption, crime, inadequate supply of infrastructure, difficulties relating to accessing finance and policy instability.  South Africa is clearly seen to lack certain essentials required by a successful developmental state. The country is lacking in what is needed to achieve the goals of the plans of the two latest documents.

It is thus not only an economic problem, but society as well. The country’s institutions have to be aligned, whether public of private and they must compromise to accept policies. If the government wants to build the nation in 20 years’ time, they need a vision and must deliver.



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