Final lecture tomorrow

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a quick reminder of our final lecture tomorrow. It is outside the usual schedule and part of the Development Economics class at 14:00 in G28. The guest speaker is Prof Parsons who will be speaking on South African political economy, the NGP, NDP and all the recent events following Marikana.

He likes to hear your views and to have a conversation, so as some background, have a look at the following:

I’m afraid that I was over-optimistic with the scheduling at the start of the semester and now with very little time left we have to wind up the blog posts and presentations. My proposal is as follows:

  • Topic 10 was sorted out with all the WNF presentations.
  • Topic 11 is tomorrow’s  take on policy in SA – for those that have to write posts, make it a write -up of Prof Parsons’ arguments and the discussion around that.
  • Topic 11 has a round of presentations associated with it. We’ll have to see whether there is opportunity to have you speak. Otherwise, you just submit the PPTs as part of the portfolio.
  • Topic 12 is the round-up of everything: What is the way forward for SA. We won’t have another contact session for that you those that have to post about it should go ahead and complete the posts. Make it an answer to The Economist – is South Africa over the rainbow, or what does the road ahead look like?

For the portfolio I had hoped that we would be able to compile it in Adobe’s portfolio maker, but that will not ne possible now. We will have to revert to hard copies. Everyone should submit a hard copy of their two posts and the PPTs of the two presentations that they were part of.  Please keep the copies of the posts simple (no colour needed) and make the PPTs handouts with 4 / 6 slides per page.

You can finish this up as quick as you want and we can make the due date the 31st of October. Then I can still have a quick look at it and you can have a buffer ready if anything goes wrong in the exam (not that I’m expecting anything to go wrong).


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