Change of plan?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have realised that our schedule extends beyond your and my diminishing returns to 621. I want to propose the following to wind up the final part of the semester.

  • Step 1: Attend tomorrow’s Seminar by Prof Andre Jordaan. At is at 12:00 in G03 and he will be speaking on exchange rate misalignment. We’ll add this as a 621 topic and if you were supposed to write blog #8, you can write a blog about his presentation.
  • Step 2: do the Why Nations Fail  presentations this Friday.
  • Then you can go on and prepare for the colloquium on the 18th.
  • Step 3: No class on Friday the 19th and we finish up the semester on Monday the 22nd and join the ECON622 class for a guest lecture by Prof Raymond Parsons on the NDP. That will form the content for blog #7.

All blogs should be done by Friday the 26th and you can submit a short portfolio, each with two blog posts of your own and 2 group presentations. I’ll let you know about the format.



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