Some admin

Ladies and gentlemen, just a few points of course admin and schedule changes.

  • First, thanks for your participation in last week’s colloquium. I hope there was some food for thought. Keep writing the blogs on that for topic 8.
  • Please note, we have a seminar speaker tomorrow at 12:00 in Senwes. Prof Blaauw of UJ does interesting micro work and is often in the field with surveys. He has interesting research to talk about.
  • Second, I am double booked for the class time slot on Friday. My proposal is that we postpone Friday’s class. Here is the plan:
    • No class on Friday the 21st.
    • Important class on Friday the 28th – Dr Anro van Niekerk of UFS (It is the academic Pukke vs Kovsies derby so please make sure you are there (bytjie-truie optional). I will post some reading for that).
    • Then we do the Why Nations Fail presentations on the 12th of October.



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