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The world in EUnioNON

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”— L.P. Hartley, English novelist Economically speaking the world is at a level no one ever could have imagined. If an economist predicted thirty years ago that Europe and the United States would be the centers of an economic crunch, people would have though he […]

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Ladies and gentlemen, apologies, but I have fallen behind with our course work. Please have a look at the blog for the updated course outline. Hopefully that will sort out questions about the remaining topics, blog posts and presentations. This Friday is a guest lecture with Dr Anro van Niekerk of UFS leading the discussion. […]

Why does South Africa keep falling short of its potential?

By Celeste Hamman Since 1994 the average South African growth rate has been about 3,2% per annum. While South Africa has in recent years been dominant in almost everything in Africa, it has lately been slipping down the economic league tables. South Africa’s economy grew just 1.3% in the second quarter from the first three […]

Is government setting a low growth trap for South Africa?

Our current government has been in power for 18 years. We often hear citizens and politicians alike ask: what has been achieved in these years? There are many ways of approaching this question such as considering social services, unemployment rates and economic growth. From the perspective of social services; government has provided a livelihood for […]

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Ladies and gentlemen, just a few points of course admin and schedule changes. First, thanks for your participation in last week’s colloquium. I hope there was some food for thought. Keep writing the blogs on that for topic 8. Please note, we have a seminar speaker tomorrow at 12:00 in Senwes. Prof Blaauw of UJ […]

Polit(r)ics ….

  When looking to ensure the growth and stability of a countries economy, it is most probably determined by the governance of institutions within the specific economy. The problem faced then is the ultimate effect the government has on these institutions. In the case of the South African economy, the government has proven this statement […]

What is the Current growth path of Emerging Markets?

Emerging Markets: Growth resilience or hitting a low growth trap There are several successful countries institutions of emerging markets, which promoted economic growth.   First is the rule of law, which contains securing contracts and protecting citizens in terms of marketing, contracts as well as business.  It is also close related to protection of law, which […]