Reading for a “quiet” week

Ladies and gentlemen, following last week’s public holiday and the fact that you are not writing blogs this week, makes it feel like things have gone quiet on the #621 front. Events in Europe may, however, be running ahead of our course schedule. This week the class is about competitiveness, but I have been reading posts that are relevant for next week’s discussion of the crisis in Europe. Here are some links:

  • FNB Economist, Cees Bruggemans gives a great overview of the issues in the EU and US in a post called Autumn Gales 2012.
  • The Economist writes that as the fiscal burden on the rest of the euro area rises, it it pushes other members towards crisis, notably Itlay.
  • The blog, A fistfull of euros, calls Italy the elephant in the euro area room. It is quite a detailed post that looks at Italy’s economy and comptitiveness and asks whether it is too big to rescue.
  • The Economist has a short video on scenarios for the breakup of the Euro.

Finally, I recommend having a look at Project Syndicate’s August newsletter.


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