The Economist has some articles for you

Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday’s electricity outage in Van der Hoffpark gave me the opportunity to spend some quality time with the latest issue of The Economist and I can recommend some reading for you:

Expected growth revised downward

  • If we are talking trends in the global economy, the Daily Chart shows seriously lower growth expectations.
  • There is a whole article explaining the slowdown in emerging economies.
  • And then there is another one that explains that the challenges faced by developing coutries are not all about the problems in Greece or the US economy. The idea of a growth plateau is something that we will explore further in the September colloquium with Prof Peet Strydom.
  • The scale of the problems in Greece are explained in an article about their bailout:

Greece’s new coalition government tried, and failed, to find €11.5 billion ($14 billion) of spending cuts demanded by the European Union (EU) and IMF in 2013 and 2014 as part of the country’s second international bail-out.

I just hope that they are able to hang on for us to discuss it under topic 5! But I have found a good blog post that asks whether Grexit has “lost its terror“. Let’s hope not.


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